Zéh Palito – We saw the future


“We Saw the Future” is a conceptual series of paintings by, Brazilian artist Danilo Omwisye (Zéh Palito). The series portrays a world wherein man and animal merge as one. Defining Palito’s archetypal foreshadowing’s of this obscure destiny, each painting illuminates a specific step of the journey. Using his signature color palette of bright reds, royal blues, lime greens, and electric yellows within the contrasting organic shapes against geometric, Zéh Palito takes his audience into this self-conceived dimension. He enhances the cardinal concept of nature’s connectivity by splashing evocative imagery about the canvas: grenades ejecting rainbows, hands possessing hearts, elephants and deers exploring uncharted territory. “We Saw the Future” reinvents the inherent evolution, alludes to the riddance of all things bad, and leaps towards the equality of man and his fellow animal. Yet again, Zéh Palito gives his audience reason to take a second look at the world around them. For, it is man who determines what lay ahead. Perhaps the future is not such a mystery after all.


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