Grayscale Gallery is pleased to present EBONY AND THE IVORIES, an exhibition of photographic prints by FALKO ONE (Cape Town).

Falko is notably one of South Africa’s most well known and respected graffiti artists, with a career spanning almost three decades he has been highly influential on the growth of the local graffiti culture and inspired multiple generations of artists.

Over the past few years he has become widely recognised for his iconic elephant paintings that pop up in streets, townships and other random locations across the country. Rendered in his unique characteristic style and often situational to their surroundings these elephants have captured the imagination of all that see them.

For this exhibition, Falko, will be painting his signature elephants in various places and environments. These will be photographed once completed and then painted over right away so that they only exist in those photographs. A selection of the photographs will be printed and exhibited for the show, these will include a series of one-off A1 prints, never to be printed again, as well as a series of A2 prints that will be limited editions of 5 each.

Join us on Saturday 9th April 2016 from 2pm for the opening of this one of a kind exhibition.
The exhibition will run until the 28th May 2016.

Grayscale Store & Gallery
33 De Korte Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.
(2nd Floor, above Signarama)
Safe parking in Henri and De Korte Street.


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