CROSSING BORDERS / CROSSING BOUNDARIES is a new international exhibition in Street Art Museum St. Petersburg, Russia which launches on 14th May 2016.

At a time in which notions of purity are recurrent, in which ‘refugee’ and crisis’, ‘migrants’ and ‘aliens’ have once again become paired as if natural, CROSSING BORDERS / CROSSING BOUNDARIES will thus explore the fertility and vibrancy of the border in contrast to the sterility and aridity of the boundary. It will explore the crossing of spatial and social borders, the crossing of conceptual and judicial boundaries, the equivalent instability and potentiality of the margins.

17 artists from Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, USA, South Korea and Indonesia are taking part in CROSSING BORDERS / CROSSING BOUNDARIES project. Regardless of what genre and style they work, each one of them has their own independent opinion about what’s happening in the world and is ready to express their position at our art platform. The curator of the project is Rafael Schacter (British explorer of marginal art, anthropologist, co-curator of the Street-Art show at the Tate Modern and curator of several exhibitions at Somerset House).


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