Street Heart Africa


Caps & Cans has started a project called Street Heart Africa – “We are giving back to the community around South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland by uplifting areas through graffiti and street art. We are driven and concentrate our efforts on education and upliftment in underprivileged areas. We use our art as a way to connect people and make them more aware of the spaces they live in and around them.”

We are working with the Environmental Department of Health to uplift the community of the South of Johannesburg, specifically Turffontein, Rossentenville etc. They have given permission to allow artists to paint the wall that runs down Main Street towards Turffontein Race Course, opposite Spar.”

Each Prefab wall section is 1.87m (h) x 1.64m (w).
We are giving 4 sections per artist. Total 6.56 meters

The entire wall is 270 meters so there is a lot of wall space. The wall runs from the corner of Main and Petunia Street all the way down to Geranium Street.”

We will have the walls primed for you on the day as well as different colours of PVA, brushes and rollers. Caps and Cans will have discount on spray paint for all artists painting at this event.”


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