STROKE art fair 2016

STROKE art fair 2016 | Monstfur x Tomasz Górnicki x Free Market Simpson | Galeria 18a.

MONSTFUR is an indigenous organism of artland, subsisting on the byproducts of modern life and the cultural carrion of generations past. It was conceived from a casual union and has d/evolved over a period of time into its current, more vivid incarnation. From the outset it drew inspiration from an urban dystopia with which it soon fell into a relationship of co dependant creativity.It expresses itself on the rusted steel sheets and redundant signage of its natural habitat equally as lucidly as on the rarefied canvas of the studio or gallery.

This versatility has resulted in the colonisation of a variety of disparate locations: neither contemporary exhibiton spaces nor abandoned factories are safe..

Similar strains of the genus have their origins in B Movies and a uniquely polish strain of horror but currently monstfur continues to defy classification.

Tomasz Górnicki

Born on 01.11.1986 in Warsaw. Graduated art class in XXXIV Miguel de Cervantes High School in 2004. In 2010 graduated with honours on Sculpture Department at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the studio of professor Janusz Antonii Pastwa. Lives with his wife and son in the countryside, works hard.


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